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Since 1989, REHASWISS holds the seal of approval from the Swiss organisation ZEWO as a non-profit organisation which manages funds entrusted to it in a conscientious manner, uses donations economically, effectively and for their designated purpose. REHASWiSS is independent of political principles and religious beliefs. With donations from members, organizations, local authorities, churches and others, REHASWiSS enables annually 700 to 1000 disabled persons to be independent and engaged in useful occupation.

REHASWiSS also co-operates with 20 NGOs (non-government organisations) in India and Bangladesh. They are responsible for choosing and monitoring the disabled to ensure successful outcome for the various projects.

Santosh Aerthott


Lawyer and musician, owner of “Mainland Music”, lead singer in reggae and ska band “Open Season”, based in Zurich, Switzerland

Johannes Leutwyler

Vice President

Mechanical engineer, former leader of “Band Association” in Bern, based in Ins, Switzerland

Franz Neff

Member of Executive Committee and of Project Management Committee

Sociologist, author, teacher in writing, based in Bern, Switzerland

Ricardo Schmidt

Member of Executive Committee

Based in Bremgarten, Bern, Switzerland

Erich Fischer

Member of Executive Committee

Based in Bern, Switzerland

Cristina Kipfer

Member of Executive Committee

Based in Zurich, Switzerland

Dr. Guido Scheidegger


Actuary, former Director of insurance company “Berner Leben”, based in Bremgarten, Bern Switzerland

Joseph Aerthott

Director for projects in India

Psychologist, consultant for disabled allowance, founder and long time president of REHASWiSS, based in Meikirch, Switzerland, and India

Suba Umathevan

Member of Executive Committee

Master’s in International Affairs, based in Bern, Switzerland

Charlotte Koch Middendorp

Member of Project Management Committee

Based in Zollikofen, Bern Switzerland

Claudia Rüegg

Member of Project Management Committee

Based in Belp, Bern Switzerland

Contact of regional group

Vaidyanathan Sitaraman, Regional group Bern;

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